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Tyler Hoechlin 200x300 icons by me (RedHead)


Beat the Tyler Hoechlin version of 2048.  For those of you curious, the last gif is of him twerking and then backflipping like it’s nothing. Sorry but i have no idea how to screenshot gifs. 


Tyler (7th Heck) Hoechlin’s First College At-Bat (x)

"Sun Devil freshman first-baseman Tyler (7th Heck) Hoechlin makes his college debut at the plate with an opposite-field line drive double (we’ll call it a double anyway) to the screams of his adoring fans yelling "7th Heaven!!! 7th Heaven!!!". ASU beat Southern Utah 20-1 on opening night, 2-2-2007."

Tyler Hoechlin

2/7 Dwarfs: Happy & Bashful

tylerl_hoechlin: Thank you @JohnVarvatos for this incredible outfit and for all you do for Stuart House, a fantastic cause. And thank you @I_love_harveys @tylergposey for the wet willy.. ” ” to support Stuart House.


Tyler Hoechlin at MTV Movie Awards 2014

tyler hoechlin at the mtv movie awards (2014)

Tyler Hoechlin Exclusive 2014 MTV Movie Awards Interview

Tyler Posey at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards (April 13, 2014)